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The locality Upleward – lovingly called "Plewert" in Low German – is located on the west coast of East Frisia, 17 kilometers northwest of the seaport town of Emden. The village center of the "Warfendorf" Upleward is characterized by small, quaint single-family houses and large farms grouped around a gothic church. The coastal areas near the village are protected by dikes. Due to the tides, the village has no sand beach, but tourists can look forward to playing beach volleyball, enjoing the sunny day in the beach basket and building sandcastles at North Germany's unique beach behind the dike.


Recommended cycling and hiking trails in the region of Upleward

Short trip to the Campen Museum of Agriculture

A short tour to the Campen agricultural museum as a cycle route or a short walk with children.

Small walking tour to the Campen Lighthouse

From the campsite along the dike to the highest lighthouse in Germany.

Round trip to the Osterburg Cafè & Bistro

Bike trip with a stop at the Osterburg Cafè & Bistro and a visit to the castle.

Small bike tour to Pilsum

Tour through the typical East Frisian marshland to one of the most charming villages in the municipality of Krummhörn.

Round trip to the Pilsum Lighthouse

Round trip to one of the most famous landmarks of East Frisia, the Pilsum lighthouse.

Restaurant tips

Our restaurant tips around the campsite.

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