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Interesting excursions and activities

East Frisia is always well worth visiting: headstrong and beautiful, entirely flat and yet full of surprises. If you want a change from the campsite for a while, then the nearby surroundings such as the fishing village of Greetsiel or the seaport town of Emden continuously offer new culinary and cultural highlights. 


Enjoy the unique experience of a walk along the mudflats or explore nature by bike. Lots of destinations are easy to reach for cyclists. On the following pages you will find an overview of attractive excursion destinations and route descriptions for cycling and hiking in the region.​

Cycle routes and hiking trails

Here you will find our recommendations for beautiful cycling and hiking trails in the area around the campsite. Start your favourite tour directly from the campsite! Would you like to navigate the routes comfortably on your mobile device? We recommend the free Outdooractive App.


Short trip to the
Campen Museum

Distance: 4.2 km | Duration: 0:15 h | Difficulty: easy


Round trip to the Osterburg Cafè & Bistro

Distance: 10.5 km | Duration: 0:50 h | Difficulty: easy


Round trip Pilsum lighthouse

Distance: 29.8 km | Duration: 2:01 h | Difficulty: medium


Campen lighthouse round trip

Distance: 5.7 km | Duration: 1:20 h | Difficulty: easy

Camping_am_Deich_Umgebung_Pilsum_001 K2.

Bike tour to Pilsum

Distance: 11.00 km | Duration: 0:45 h | Difficulty: easy


Round trip

Distance: 32.6 km | Duration: 3:00 h | Difficulty: medium