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Cycle tour East Frisia

Bike tour to the Leysiel floodgate

Distance: 29.5 km | Duration: 3:00 h | Difficulty: medium


The tour takes you along the outer dike with a view over the Wadden Sea to the Leysiel floodgate. Don't forget your camera, because there are some beautiful photo motifs on this route. Please note that the dike cycle path can only be used at weekends. During the week, the route is closed due to dike works.



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Schleuse Leysiel


Salty, healthy sea air, a sky stretching to the horizon, grazing sheep – enjoy the endless expanse of the East Frisian North Sea coast on a quiet ride with a fresh breeze on the western outer dike. The route takes you through a sheep grazing area along the dike, past the Pilsum lighthouse towards Greetsiel.



As the headwind on the dike can be very strong, an e-bike is recommended for this tour – even for sporty cyclists – which you can rent at our campsite.


The destination – the Leysiel floodgate – is at the tip of the headland near the Ley Bay. The floodgate was completed together with the Leysiel flood barrier in 1991 and is the only way out of Greetsiel harbour into the North Sea. Here you can watch fish and shrimp boats in the evening and take a snack break.


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