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Emden ± 19 kilometres away

The versatile seaport town of Emden is located in the heart of East Frisia and is one of the largest villages in the region. A good infrastructure and over 1200 years of city history invite you to linger. The city is easily accessible by bicycle. Emden offers a comprehensive cultural program and a wide range of events for explorers. In the East Frisian country museum, culture enthusiasts can get their money's worth and the Emden harbor can be explored with a boat trip. From here you can also take a ferry to Holland. As the funniest Ostfriesland hint we recommend a museum where you can laugh: "Dat Otto Huus" shows the career of the comedian Otto Waalkes from Emden.

Emden, Luftaufnahme, Innenstadt
Emden, Sonnenuntergang
Emden, Bootsfahrt
Emden, Watt
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