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Camping with dog


Of course, you can take your family dog with you into the camping holiday, because your faithful companion is welcome on our campsite. Also some of our accommodations are available for a stay with your pet – as guests in these you receive bowls and dog beds on request. The tempered dog shower is located at the entrance in front of the reception and the cold water shower is in front of the shower house "Leuchtturm". In our minimarket you will find dog food. Dog bag dispensers can be found on the camping site, about 50 metres from the barrier, and 100 metres outside the campingpark. We would be pleased to recommend you routes for walking and nice bathing places for the four-legged friends.


Walking paths for dogs

Walking path for dogs


Between the campsite and the Campen Lighthouse, the dike can be entered with a leashed dog.

You can take your dog with you on four of the six signposted routes of the Krummhörn-Greetsiel fitness park.

In Norddeich (about 35 km away) there is a large dog beach. Here your dog can romp around without a leash.


According to the dike guard Krummhörn the following rules apply:

  • According to the Lower Saxony dike law, dogs are not allowed in other dike areas, because sheep have died from being chased by unleashed dogs a few times. Dog excrements can also transmit pathogens to sheep.

  • Some areas (from Campen Lighthouse to our campsite, old dike in Greetsiel) are permitted to carry along leashed dogs in agreement with the shepherds. 

  • The instructions of the shepherds and the dike guards must be followed. 


As we emphasise a good coexistence of humans and animals, we ask for the following:

  • Please remember that there are children and adults who are afraid of dogs.

  • Put your dog on a leash and do not let it run free, even on your stand.

  • Please take special care of children, a dog can be very dangerous for them.

  • Should your dog ever do its business on the campsite, please remove it immediately.


Veterinarians – important phone numbers:


Veterinary joint practice Klüver & Kleihauer


Veterinarian Heike Trei

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