Your family dog ​​is welcome!

Your family dog ​​is very welcome on all pitches! Also some of our rental accommodations are available for a stay with your pet – as guests in these you receive bowls and dog covers on request. In our Minimarkt you will find dog food. Dog poop bags are available at the recycling area of ​​the campsite.


We emphasise a good coexistence of humans and animals, so we ask for the following:

  • Please remember that there are children and adults who are afraid of dogs.

  • Put your dog on a leash and do not let it run free, even on your stand.

  • Please take special care of children, a dog can be very dangerous for them.

  • If your dog does its business in the campingpark, remove the gift immediately.

  • The recommended activities take place at your own risk.

  • You can enter the area between the campsite and the Camper Lighthouse with your dog, if it's kept on a leash.

  • You can take your dog with you on 4 of the 6 signposted routes of the Fitnesspark Krummhörn-Greetsiel.

  • There is a large dog beach in Norddeich where you can let your dog go without a leash.

Important phone numbers and addresses:

Community practice Dres. med. vet. Sabine Klüver, Gerhard Klüver

Veterinarian Remmer Kleihauer: Laugstroat 14, 26736 Krummhörn/Woquard, Phone (04923) 91090

Veterinarian Heike Trei: Mühlenring 1, 26736 Krummhörn/Canum, Phone (04923) 633