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Cycle tour East Frisia

On the way to Greetsiel

Distance: 32.6 km | Duration: 3:00 h | Difficulty: medium

The popular tour to the over 600 year old fishing village Greetsiel! Our alternative route leads through dreamy and typically East Frisian villages, as the dike is being renovated in stages until 2022.


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The way to Greetsiel offers wonderful views. Through the East Frisian marshland the tour leads through the villages Hamswehrum, Groothusen, Manslagt and Pilsum.


Once you arrive in Greetsiel, you will breathe history and seafaring romance in a unique environment of charming historic gabled houses, idyllic alleys and the dreamy harbour with its typical crab boats.

The way back takes you along the outer dike for a while. Why not make a stop at the Pilsum Lighthouse! Made famous by comedian Otto Walkes. Because to its typical red-yellow painting, the tower cannot be overlooked!


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